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..::Eyeliner Whores::..

Guys in Eyeliner
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if any problems
contact the creator :

*strictly enforced*

Rule #0 No rebel flags! and if you can not do your makeup well then dont join!
i'm sick of people drawing on there face with eyeliner. or trying to-
copy the crows makeup. if your a skanked out metal head-kid we dont want you here!
this community is for people who can already put on make up if you
do not know how to apply your makeup properly. then please dont post here!
go to gothmakeuptipsi'm sure somone there would love to help you.

1. Absolutely NO harassing or degrading remarks...this is not a rating community...if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all. No second chances on this one. You say something unkind or non-constructive to any of our members posting pictures here, I will notice and i won't hesitate to ban you.

2. Girls, this is a community for pictures of Guys/boys...if you would like to post an introductory picture of yourself, that is fine, but after that, only pictures of boys please.

3. No anonymous posts.
4. Stay on topic, please...if your post is not boy in make-up related, then it doesn't belong here.

5. When posting more than two pictures at a time, the LJ-Cut must be used!!!

6.Absolutely no surveys, IM conversations, or song lyrics. This is what your personal journals are for people.

7.Do not advertise any other type of community in here unless you ask me first.


9.semi nudity IS allowed...but ONLY if you are of age, it is behind a cut, and is tasteful (no pornography)...AND, you are wearing eyeliner

10. Please only post pictures IN eyeliner/make-up of some kind

thats it thank you!
**have fun and enjoy the guys ;)**